Frequently Asked Questions about Gulf Front 30A Vacation Rentals

What do you mean by Unobstructed Gulf Views?
All properties listed in this category have direct Gulf views in front of the home yet the home is not directly on the beach.

When will I receive my property notes and check-in information?
This information will be sent via our app when your final payment is processed. Typically 45 days prior to your arrival.

Do I have to pick up Keys / How do I check-into the property?
All of our Gulf front 30A rentals have keys or keyless access codes right on the property. You do not have to check in with an office. Our check-in process is easy as pie.

Are your Gulf front properties Pet Friendly?
It depends on the property.  Some of our 30A rentals are pet friendly and some are not. We have a Ped Friendly search filter and you can also tell by reading the property descriptions.

What time can we check-in and what time do we have to check-out?
Check in is at 4pm and check out is at 9am.

Is there anything special we should do before leaving the 30A ocean front property?
Our cleaning crew greatly appreciates if you could please put the dirty dishes in the washer, start a load of towels, locks all doors, close all windows and return keys to key boxes (if applicable).

What should we expect in terms of amenities included with our stay?
Our gulf front properties are equipped with a starter shampoo, conditioner, lotion, shower cap, and body wash in each bathroom.  Also, there will be 2 rolls of toilet paper per bathroom.  The kitchens will have 2 rolls of paper towels, a small dish washing soap, a couple dishwasher packets, and 2 garbage bags per trash can.  Please note that you will be responsible for purchasing extra items.

What about Beach Towels, are they provided?
Beach towels are not provided for various resounds.  Our 30A homes are stocked with bath towels and linens for the beds, but nothing to take out of the home.  Please plan on brining your own set of beach towels.

Is there Wi-Fi at the property?
Yes, all of our homes and condos have Wi-Fi.

Will there be daily or mid week maid service?
Not by default however, these services are available upon request for an additional charge. 

Do your vacation rentals include Bikes?
Most of our beach properties do include bikes.  Typically, the way it works is that one bike is provided per bedroom.  So 4 bedroom properties include 4 bikes and so on...  The bikes are adult size beach cruisers and they fit a wide range of teen and adult size body types.  The bikes are included with the house and have to stay at the house which means they cannot be swapped out for kids size bike.  We typically do have kids size bike available for rent.  After you book your gulf front property, our bike company will touch base and take care of all your needs.

Do you offer additional Pool passes for our group members?
Unfortunately the answer is No.  Reason being is that each property is only allowed 2 pool passes per the Homeowner's Association rules not ours. One pool pass will get a group in, so no need to worry about having 1 per person.

Do you provide Beach Chair Setup Service?
A select number of our ocean front rentals do indeed include one set up, but you will need to double check with the property manager to confirm if your reservation includes them.

Do I have complementary access to the fitness and tennis centers?
No. Your pool pass will provide you "access" to the facilities, but there will be a daily/hourly/weekly fee to use them.